Available courses

The student teachers will be able to: 

1). Acquaint with the latest methods and techniques for planning of successful English language teaching. 

2). Enable the students to use technology to enrich language teaching. 

3). Make students familiar in the effective use of learning resources. 

4). Prepare lesson plans in English for instructional purposes. 

5). Conduct pedagogical analysis of the content in English language and develop Teaching skills. 

6). Acquire competence in analyzing and evaluating the performance of the students.

Teaching of English
The student teachers will be able to:
1). Understand the nature, importance and use of English language.
2). Identify the proficiency, interests and needs of learners.
3). Understand methods and approaches of Teaching English Language.
4). Develop language skills: listening, speaking, writing and reading for Communication purpose.

ICT in Teaching Learning Process

The student teachers will be able to: 

1. Understand the concept and role of ICT in construction of Knowledge. 

2. Acquire knowledge and understanding about National Policy on ICT in School Education

3. Identify the challenges in integration of ICT in school education. 

4. Understand computer fundamentals. 

5. Employ hands-on-experience on computer. 

6. Apply different Hardware Technologies in Modern Educational Practices. 

7. Familiarize with the new trends in ICT. 

8. Apply different e-resources for educational purposes.